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Patrick Dillon Appointed as Interim Chair of the Theatres Trust

The Secretary of State has appointed Patrick Dillon as the Interim Chair of the Theatres Trust from 01 September 2021 to 31 December 2021, or until a new substantive Chair has been appointed, whichever is sooner

Paddy Dillon is a leading theatre architect, responsible for heading the renovation of the National Theatre, and currently working with numerous theatres on modernisation plans that respect their historic value while equipping them for contemporary theatre use. He has been a trustee of the Theatres Trust for five years, chairs the International Theatre Engineering and Architecture Conference, and sits on the casework committee of the Twentieth Century Society. In 2020, Paddy initiated the Theatre Green Book, a project that unites the industry in establishing shared standards for sustainable practice in theatre productions, buildings and operations, and provides guidance to achieve them. Paddy is an author and broadcaster, having published nine books, including a monograph on the National Theatre.

This interim appointment has been made whilst the process to appoint a substantive Chair is conducted. It has been made in accordance with the Cabinet Office’s Governance Code on Public Appointments. The process is regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

The Chair of the Theatres Trust is not remunerated. The Government’s Governance Code requires that any significant political activity undertaken by an appointee in the last five years is declared. This is defined as holding office, public speaking, making a recordable donation or candidature for election. Patrick Dillon has not declared any activity.


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