Mosaic is Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Giving businesses a new toolbox

Owning a small business is tough in today’s economic climate, but maintaining one is the larger challenge. Mosaic Marketing is taking small businesses seriously by giving them advice from over 50 years of knowledge and wisdom.

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Mosaic Marketing has launched a new campaign called, Small Business Spotlight, giving businesses valuable information on how they can attract customers. Mosaic Marketing, Printing and Signage is launching a new podcast called, “Spotlight on small business with Mosaic”. The new podcast is hosted by Marcel Blanchet, Director of Digital Marketing. It gives small businesses a spotlight on what they do.

Each episode will spotlight a small business, what they do and how they do it. The discussion is about how to grow a business and make it successful using time-tested advertising and marketing techniques and strategies.

“We are committed to helping small businesses succeed.”, said AL Canosa, owner of Mosaic. “ Local small business helps communities, for every dollar that is spent in a local business over 65 cents goes right back into the local community”. Marketing focuses on a customer's wants and needs and Mosaic is helping the small business community to succeed. Using Mosaic’s toolbox of expertise, businesses can have their customers learn more about their business or its products and services.

Mosaic Marketing has a new digital signage division. This gives businesses the creative outlet and flexibility it needs to let customers know who they are and what their business is about. Mosaic is proud to offer the knowledge and wisdom that comes from their signage division. Digital signage can be changed instantly and can bring experiences to life for business customers.

Now is the time to update old websites or create new ones. Mosaic's Website design and development team specializes in e-commerce and can update an old website or help build businesses a new presence on the internet.

Websites are critical for businesses to attract more sales. Sales on websites are attracting more customers. The increase in sales goes hand in hand with the growing number of customers.