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MEADHANAN Terminates RIPE Membership over EU Sanctions

Updated: Mar 25

MEADHANAN Limited, a Scottish-based Advertising, and Public Relations Agency, owned by Mayside Partners Limited, the parent company of WireNews, today announced that it had terminated its RIPE membership effective immediately.

Bill White, CEO of MEADHANAN explained "We cannot in good conscience continue to support RIPE through the payment of membership dues when we disagree with the organisation's early adoption of EU sanctions that target businesses that have nothing to do with the Russian war in Ukraine."

"We believe that the provision of Internet services should not involve itself with a bias one way or the other over political entanglements," continued White.

MEADHANAN joined RIPE in September 2021.


MEADHANAN is a full-service advertising and public relations agency, based in Scotland and serving a global list of clients. For more information go to

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