Mayside Branches Out in Miami

Mayside Partners Limited, a Scottish venture capital firm, the owner of WireNews has today announced that it will be opening a branch office in Miami, Florida.

Mayside Partners currently owns a number of brands, including SpudsToGo, MEADHANAN, BW Brand, Tofoodi, Levana Bakery, YAFFTR, Mayside TV, and others, and partners with entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into world-changing products.

Bill White, CEO of Mayside Partners said: "I am an American, so it makes sense to have a presence in the United States."

"We've been thinking about moving one or two of our brands into the US market so Florida seems to me to be the best choice," White continued.

Initially, the company will set up a television studio in Miami and open a franchise office for its SpudsToGo and Levana Bakery brands.


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