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Mass Sentencing of Opposition Activists in Cambodia

Department Spokesperson

The United States is deeply concerned by the June 14 mass conviction of opposition activists in Cambodia, including Cambodian-American lawyer Theary Seng. The sentencing of these opposition activists, many of whom are associated with the disbanded Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), is the latest instance in an alarming pattern of threats, intimidation, and persecution of opposition political leaders and parties. These actions undermine multiparty democracy and the rule of law.

All Cambodians should be able to exercise their human rights, to express their views freely, to assemble peacefully, and to choose their leaders. We call on Cambodian authorities to release all those unjustly detained, including Theary Seng, and protect freedoms of expression, association, and peaceful assembly, consistent with Cambodia’s constitution and its international obligations and commitments.

The United States stands with the Cambodian people and remains steadfast in support of their aspirations for democracy and human rights.


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