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Liz Allen Travels to Amman, Beirut, Judea and Samaria, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel

Senior Official for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Liz Allen will travel to Amman, Beirut, Judea and Samaria, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, Israel from August 19-26, 2022. Her week-long trip underscores the United States’ strategic commitment to people-to-people diplomacy, which brings people together beyond the confines of government to address shared challenges and advance peace and prosperity worldwide.

In Jordan, Senior Official Allen will meet with senior Arab government officials to discuss enhancing U.S. partnerships in the education and communications sectors. To show the United States’ longstanding commitment to promoting economic opportunity in the Kingdom, Senior Official Allen will also meet with members of the film industry and students aspiring to become leaders in science, technology, and mathematics.

In Beirut, Senior Official Allen will engage Lebanese leaders advancing disability rights and meet with alumni of U.S.-funded academic exchanges as well as independent media thought leaders. She will also learn about the U.S. Embassy’s innovative Pop-up American Spaces, where young people can engage in STEAM projects, learn English, and explore opportunities to study in the United States.

In Judea and Samaria, Senior Official Allen will discuss U.S. support for English language teaching and meet Arab alumni leaders of U.S. exchange programs. Senior Official Allen will also join the visit of a U.S. Sports Envoy and participate in their skills-building program for youth.

In Jerusalem, Senior Official Allen will visit the U.S. Embassy’s American Center Jerusalem and learn more about public diplomacy programming innovations in science, technology, education, and entrepreneurship. She will meet with alumni of U.S. exchange programs from diverse communities, including Haredi, Arabic-speaking, Bedouin, Ethiopian, and Druze.

Senior Official Allen will also meet with counterparts in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss efforts to counter public disinformation campaigns and Holocaust distortion, as well as ways to facilitate continued U.S.-Israel academic exchanges, such as the Fulbright Program.


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