Ivermectin: When Will Trials Begin?

by Bill White

Have I got your attention?

I'll bet you're thinking that I'm referring to future medical trials for what was described as a 'wonder drug' in the global fight against COVID19, as early as December 2020.

Not at all. I want to know when the criminal trials will begin? Trials aimed at holding numerous medical professionals, media company executives, certain celebrities, and our leaders responsible for their collective crimes against humanity.

As of this writing, nearly 4 million people worldwide have died either 'with' or 'from' the COVID19 virus. Quite apart from the equally criminal failure of our governments to protect those most vulnerable, there exists a criminal liability for anyone who chose to ignore and in many cases, actually denounced safe and effective treatments for COVID19, in favour of the narrative that supported the mass vaccination of an entire population.

Emergency Use Authorization's (EUA's), in the United States, and various similarly named regulations throughout the world, cannot be implemented if there is an existing treatment that is safe and effective. Simply put, this means that the current experimental vaccine programme that is sweeping the globe would not have been possible if there was a treatment available.

Governments around the world continue to restrict people's liberty, aimed at coercing their respective citizenry into submitting to an experimental vaccine that is simply unnecessary. Whether that vaccine is dangerous or not will be determined in time. However, ignoring the considerable cost of such a scheme and the associated costs of lockdowns, business closures, furloughs, etc., which are all being paid for by taxpayers, not the government, there is no credible justification for the mass vaccination of hundreds of millions of people if there is a safe and effective treatment, which is also cheap and easy to produce.

Global media companies, useful idiots, and paid actors are equally liable for perpetrating this unconscionable crime against humanity.


Bill White is the CEO of WireNews