Independent Reviewer of Prevent, William Shawcross, Reopens Call for Evidence

The call for evidence is open for submissions until 11:59pm on 26 May 2021

William Shawcross
William Shawcross

The Independent Review of Prevent has been set up to review the government’s strategy for supporting people vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism. It will consider the past and present delivery and impact of Prevent and will make recommendations for the future of the strategy.

Today the Independent Reviewer, William Shawcross, has re-opened the call for evidence seeking views in line with the Review’s Terms of Reference.

The call for evidence is a critical element of the Review, as set out in its published Ways of Working, and is open for submissions until 11:59 pm on 26 May 2021.

We want to hear the full range of viewpoints from as many people as possible and encourage you to submit your views to ensure your vital evidence is considered as part of the Review.

William Shawcross says:

Today I have re-opened the call for evidence for the Independent Review of Prevent. I am grateful to all those who responded to the first such call – their contributions will be considered for my findings and recommendations. I have re-opened the call for evidence now to ensure that the public has another opportunity to contribute to the Review, and to respond to several new questions added as a result of changes to the Terms of Reference. For example, we will now consider the past as well as the present delivery of Prevent, and its impact on individuals, communities and organisations.
I hope that supporters and critics of Prevent, and everyone in between, will contribute. I would like to hear from those delivering Prevent on the ground - Prevent practitioners in local authorities, police, teachers and health workers. I am also interested in the views of community and religious organisations and I encourage individuals with personal experience of Prevent to share their stories with me.
Finally, I hope academics and think tanks will share their evidence-based research on the subject. All this evidence will help me to identify what is working well, and what is not.