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Halting Immigration to the UK: Addressing the Illegal Immigration Crisis First

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

by Ram ben Ze'ev (Conservative Values)

Illegal Immigrants Arriving on a UK Beach
Illegal Immigrants Arriving on a UK Beach

The United Kingdom is facing an unprecedented challenge regarding illegal immigration, with tens of thousands of individuals arriving into the country without proper documentation or legal status. In light of this crisis, it is imperative to consider the temporary suspension of all forms of immigration until an effective plan is developed to handle the existing illegal immigrant population. As someone who legally immigrated to the UK in 1989, I am arguing that by focusing on resolving the current situation, the UK can establish a more robust and fair immigration system for the future.

The scale of the illegal immigration issue in the UK demands immediate attention. It poses significant challenges to national security, public services, and the rule of law. A temporary pause on all forms of immigration allows the government to concentrate its resources and efforts on identifying and addressing the individuals already present in the country unlawfully. By prioritising the resolution of this pressing problem, the UK can regain control over its borders and restore public confidence in the immigration system.

The unregulated influx of illegal immigrants puts a strain on public services such as healthcare, housing, and education. These services are already stretched due to budgetary constraints and rising demand from the existing population. By temporarily halting immigration, the government can redirect resources to alleviate the burden on public services and ensure they are adequately equipped to serve the needs of both citizens and those already present in the country.

Uncontrolled immigration poses significant risks to national security. A robust and effective immigration system is vital for safeguarding the country against potential threats. By focusing on resolving the illegal immigration crisis, the UK can ensure that those who pose risks to national security are identified and appropriate action is taken. Restoring the rule of law is crucial to maintaining social cohesion and ensuring that everyone is subject to the same legal framework.

Suspending immigration temporarily allows the UK government to reassess and improve the existing immigration system. By taking the time to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current system, policymakers can develop an immigration framework that is fair, efficient and aligns with the needs of the country. A well-planned and controlled immigration system will facilitate economic growth, attract highly skilled individuals, and benefit both the existing population and immigrants who wish to contribute positively to society.

Examining successful immigration models employed by other countries can provide valuable insights for the UK. Pausing immigration temporarily allows policymakers to study and adapt practices from countries that have effectively managed their immigration systems. This research-driven approach ensures that the UK can implement evidence-based policies, promoting the successful integration of immigrants while addressing the challenges associated with illegal immigration.

The current illegal immigration crisis has eroded public confidence in the UK's immigration system. Halting immigration allows the government to regain public trust by demonstrating its commitment to resolving the issue at hand. This step also promotes social integration by focusing on the needs and concerns of both the existing population and those who have entered the country unlawfully. Strengthening public confidence in the immigration system is essential for fostering social cohesion and promoting a more inclusive society.

The temporary suspension, for at least 24 months, of all forms of immigration into the UK or until an effective plan to address the illegal immigration crisis is in place, presents a prudent approach. By prioritising the resolution of the existing issue, the UK can secure its borders, protect national security, and restore public trust in the immigration system. The government's attention should be focused on developing a fair, efficient, and evidence-based immigration framework that benefits both the nation and future immigrants. Through this approach, the UK can effectively tackle illegal immigration while ensuring a more stable and prosperous future for all.


Bill White (Ram ben Ze'ev) is CEO of WireNews and Executive Director of Hebrew Synagogue


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