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Foreign Secretary Meeting With Executive Vice-President Šefčovič

The Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron spoke to Executive Vice President Šefčovič on 31 January

Foreign Secretary Meeting With Executive Vice-President Šefčovič
Foreign Secretary Meeting With Executive Vice-President Šefčovič

Executive Vice-President Šefčovič and the Foreign Secretary spoke today (31 January).

It followed a call between the Executive Vice-President and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Chris Heaton-Harris.

The Executive Vice-President and the Foreign Secretary both agreed on the high importance of seeing the Northern Ireland Executive restored and delivering for the people of Northern Ireland.

The Foreign Secretary ​explained the package of measures being set out in Parliament today, as the next step in the process to see the Northern Ireland institutions restored. The Executive Vice-President noted that the Commission will analyse carefully the texts published today.

They discussed ​the proposed joint UK-EU solution on Tariff Rate Quotas​, published ​the previous day, ​which would be considered at the next meeting of the UK-EU Joint Committee after completion of relevant procedures ​on both sides. This would deliver benefits for Northern Ireland importers and was another demonstration of the positive outcomes constructive joint working could achieve.


This reflected their shared commitment to the full implementation of the Windsor Framework.  The Commission will continue to exchange with the UK through the channels set up by that Framework.

The Executive Vice-President and Foreign Secretary noted ongoing work on the other areas of cooperation including on support for Ukraine and agreed to stay in touch​.


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