Finnmaster Safety Bulletin Published

Safety warning issued after the initial investigation into a cargo ship fire found blocked fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system pilot hoses

We have published a safety bulletin based on our initial findings following an auxiliary engine room fire on board the Finland registered ro-ro cargo ship Finnmaster as it departed Hull, England, on 19 September 2021.

Read our safety bulletin for accident details, our initial findings, the safety lessons, actions taken and recommendations made

This accident remains under investigation and the detailed causes and circumstances will be published in an investigation report in due course.

Request for Information

To assist this investigation, it is requested that service providers, owners and operators pass details of any blocked pilot system hose assemblies that they find to us.

Email with the title ‘CO2 Pilot System Hose Assembly Issues’ and include the name of the vessel, the date and place of installation of the affected hose assemblies, and details of the defects identified.