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Ecuador’s Independence Day

On behalf of the Government of the United States and the American people, I send warm greetings as you celebrate the 213th anniversary of your declaration of independence.

The United States proudly stands with Ecuador, a democratic leader in our hemisphere. Our bilateral relationship grew over the past year as we worked closely to strengthen regional security and promote inclusive economic development. During my October 2021 visit to Quito, I witnessed firsthand the ingenuity of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs and the commitment of the Ecuadorian people to defend human rights and fight corruption.

I commend Ecuador’s leadership and hospitality as host to hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees seeking a safe and better life. The United States also applauds Ecuador’s significant contribution to tackling climate change. President Lasso’s historic announcement this past year to vastly expand the marine reserve around the Galapagos Islands protects vital fisheries and this important world heritage site for generations to come.

The strong ties and shared values between our people provide the foundation to continue to grow our relationship in the years to come.

I extend my best wishes to the Ecuadorian people on this important day.

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