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Disqualification for Incompetent Operator

At a recent public inquiry, Deputy Traffic Commissioner Nick Denton heard the case of Mr Zak Khan-Siddiq. The operator held a licence for one vehicle and no trailers and applied to add a trailer

There was, however, a suspicion that he was already operating the trailer, and the application was refused. Mr Kahn-Siddiq had been given the option for a public inquiry to consider the application and he requested this.

The Deputy Commissioner heard evidence from the DVSA gained from ANPR cameras showing Mr. Khan-Siddiq operating beyond his existing authority, details of prohibitions given at roadside encounters, and poor pass rate at MOT.

On top of this, Mr. Denton saw maintenance records and an audit that showed ‘major non-compliance and unacceptable practices. Financial records showed that the operator did not always meet the proper standing.

Then Mr. Denton said “He seems to have embarked upon the world of operator licensing without the slightest idea of what is involved and without any knowledge of the function and purpose of a transport manager…

As this is Mr. Khan-Siddiq’s first inquiry, and as I consider that his failings stem more from ignorance and incompetence rather than a deliberate decision not to comply (the operation of the trailer excepted), I am imposing a 12-month disqualification.”

Further details can be found here.

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