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Designation of Entities Supporting Trade of Iranian Petroleum and Petrochemical Products

The United States is designating six entities facilitating illicit transactions related to Iranian petroleum as well as petroleum and petrochemical products, key sources of revenue for the Iranian government.

The Department of State is designating Pioneer Ship management PTE LTD, a company that managed one liquified petroleum gas tanker, for serving as the commercial manager for a vessel that transported Iranian petroleum products. The Department is also designating Golden Warrior Shipping, Co. Ltd., that has engaged in transactions related to Iranian petroleum and petroleum products, to include providing logistical support to the Iranian petroleum trade. The Department is further identifying the vessel Glory Harvest as blocked property of Golden Warrior Shipping Co. Ltd.

All of these actions are being taken pursuant to section 3(a)(ii) of Executive Order 13846.

In addition, the Department of the Treasury is designating four entities that support Iran’s Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Commercial Co., a U.S.-designated entity, which continues to be involved in the sale of Iranian petroleum products and petrochemical products abroad.

The United States has been sincere in pursuing a path of meaningful diplomacy to achieve a mutual return to full implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Until Iran is ready to return to full implementation of the JCPOA, we will continue to use our sanctions authorities to target exports of petroleum, petroleum products, and petrochemical products from Iran.


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