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Designating Hizballah Operatives and Financial Facilitators in South America and Lebanon

The United States is today designating key Hizballah operatives and financiers operating a network in South America and Lebanon that generates revenue for Hizballah’s terrorist activities and provides cover for its presence in Latin America. Today’s action, taken in collaboration with partners in the U.S. government, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, underscores our commitment to pursuing the financiers, supporters and facilitators who sustain Hizballah’s ability to threaten the security, stability, and prosperity of Lebanon and the global financial system. We will continue our efforts to root out networks that would abuse the U.S. and international financial systems to fund and engage in terrorism.

The Department of the Treasury is designating this South America- and Lebanon-based network of family members, business associates, and companies under E.O. 13224, as amended, which targets terrorists, terrorist organizations, leaders, and officials of terrorist groups, and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism. For more information on this designation, see Treasury’s press release.


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