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DBS Launches Safeguarding and Quality Charter

The charter details DBS' commitment to safeguarding and quality, and what this will look like

The Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) has launched its Safeguarding and Quality charter, which sets out how DBS is committed to safeguarding, through the provision of a quality service.

The charter describes our vision for safeguarding, and the ambition for safeguarding and quality to become a recognisable feature of the DBS culture, alongside what we can expect in achieving our safeguarding and quality commitments.

Dr Suzanne Smith, Executive Director of Barring and Safeguarding at DBS, said:

Our strategy underlines how our ability to enhance our contribution to the national safeguarding agenda depends on continuing to develop, thrive, and most importantly, continuing to provide services of the highest quality. Our Safeguarding and Quality charter builds on that, and sets out how DBS is committed to safeguarding.
The charter describes our drive to work together with our partners, providing a valuable and unique contribution in the safeguarding arena, particularly around the recruitment/employment lifecycle. It articulates what safeguarding means in the DBS context, reflecting our history and legislation, focusing on preventing those who pose a risk to vulnerable groups from working in certain roles and helping employers make safer recruitment decisions, as well as promoting and safeguarding civil liberties and reducing the burden of intrusion into the lives of individuals.

The Safeguarding and Quality charter is available in English and Welsh, and can be found here.

Join us on LinkedIn

Dr Suzanne Smith will be holding a number of LinkedIn Live sessions to discuss the charter in more detail, and the part that DBS plays within the wider safeguarding arena.

If you are currently working or volunteering in a safeguarding role, or organisation, and would be interested in attending one of the following sessions, please email and confirm which session you would like to attend.

  • Session 1: Thursday 2 December at 11:00

  • Session 2: Monday 6 December at 13:00

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