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Cultural Immersion of Indian Todlar in Germany

As a passport-holding Indian citizen, Ariha has the right to preservation of her nationality, culture, language, and religion under international law, including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, has been in German State Custody for 2years, and has no step has been taken in regard as yet.

Ariha is being Germanised and alienated from her heritage for all practical purposes and is not allowed to foster connections with India, even though the Indian community is in Germany.

According to her parents - Dhara Shah and Bhavesh Shah, the German Court had ordered twice monthly visitation for the parents with Ariha. But since the last three months, visitations have been canceled on one pretext or another, such as that there is no one from Jjudicariy to bring Ariha to visitations or that Ariha was crying when her pick-up person arrived.

The intention of the judgment seems to be to pay lip service to Ariha’s cultural rights while cutting off even minimal contact with anyone or anything Indian in her life.

Ariha’s parents have also appealed in writing to the relevant authorities, including the German Embassy, the Home Minister, and the Prime Minister of India.

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