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Crime News: Welcome Pack and Resources for 2022 Crime Contract

Help and guidance for providers carrying out work from 1 October under the 2022 Standard Crime Contract

We are making resources available on GOV.UK to help providers when delivering work under the new 2022 Standard Crime Contract.

These include a welcome pack which explains the contents of the 2022 Standard Crime Contract and gives support for new providers.

What Resources Can Providers Access?

  • 2022 crime contract specification and standard terms

  • provider welcome pack

  • new versions of guidance

Where Can I View Contract Changes?

The 2022 crime contract includes changes and updates in a range of areas. These are detailed in the Standard Crime Contract 2022 available for download on GOV.UK. The specification changes include:

  • duty solicitor engagement requirements – section 6

  • pre-charge engagement – section 9.113-9.137

  • gang injunctions and associated civil work – section 13.47-13.53

  • committal proceedings in civil court venues – section 10.193 – 10.199

Length of Contract

The new 2022 contract governing the provision of criminal legal aid services takes effect from 1 October 2022 for a period of one year. It is subject to extensions of up to 2 years.

Amended Forms and Guidance

Minor amendments have been made to the following forms and guidance documents to include relevant 2022 Standard Crime Contract references:

  1. Criminal Bills Assessment Manual

  2. Criminal Legal Aid Manual

  3. CWA codes guidance (guidance for reporting crime lower work)

  4. Crown Court fee guidance

  5. CRM2 application for advice and assistance form

  6. CRM7 non-standard fee contract work assessment form

Further Information

Criminal Legal Aid Review – MOJ consultation hub


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