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Counselor Chollet’s Travel to Ukraine and Poland

Counselor of the Department Derek Chollet will travel to Kyiv on July 20-21 and Warsaw on July 21-23 to reinforce the strategic value of the United States’ relationships with Ukraine and Poland. He will continue our diplomatic conversations with Ukraine and Poland on a range of issues, including our shared concerns about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and energy security more broadly, as well as ongoing reforms.

While in Kyiv, Counselor Chollet will meet with senior government officials to discuss U.S. support for Ukraine’s efforts to counter Russia’s aggression and to further advance economic and anti-corruption reforms. He will also meet with members of the business community to discuss Ukraine’s economic recovery and opportunities for shared prosperity.

In Warsaw, Counselor Chollet will discuss strategic bilateral and regional issues, as well as our shared commitment to democratic values and institutions, with senior government officials and civil society representatives. He will also engage with business leaders to strengthen bilateral economic ties.


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