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Counselor Brechbühl’s Travel to Germany, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Romania

Office of the Spokesperson

U.S. Department of State Counselor Ulrich Brechbühl will travel to Berlin, Germany; Bern, Switzerland; the United Arab Emirates (UAE); and Bucharest, Romania November 9-21.

During his travel, Counselor Brechbühl will meet with foreign counterparts to discuss key policy priorities, including global security concerns, energy security, economic cooperation with our partners, and the promotion of human rights.

While in Berlin, the Counselor will meet senior German officials and speak with representatives of the World Uyghur Congress to highlight the egregious human rights abuses the Uyghur community continues to suffer at the hands of the Chinese Community Party.

In Bern, the Counselor will meet with government counterparts to discuss our shared foreign policy priorities and thank Switzerland for its leadership on human rights issues and role as our Protecting Power in Iran.

In the UAE, Counselor Brechbühl will participate in a ceremony commemorating the core completion of the USA Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, now due to open to millions of guests in October 2021. He will also meet with government counterparts and key American and Emirati business leaders to support the Expo’s success and advance economic cooperation between our countries.

Finally, in Bucharest, Counselor Brechbühl will meet with senior officials on defense cooperation, energy security, and other issues. Counselor Brechbühl will also meet with key business leaders to discuss Romania’s economic recovery and opportunities for shared prosperity during these challenging times.


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