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Construction Company Fails to Pay Recruitment Agencies

The Official Receiver is seeking out creditors of Pazhar Zvezdy Ltd, previously known as ASA UK Development Limited, who may not be aware the company is in compulsory liquidation

Construction company Pazhar Zvezdy Ltd (Company number 11573761) was wound-up in the public interest in the High Court on 7 September 2021 and the Official Receiver, Catherine Hudson, was appointed as the Liquidator.

The company traded as a residential and commercial construction company and following complaints was the subject of confidential investigations by the Insolvency Service.

Enquiries uncovered that Pazhar Zvezdy Ltd would submit duplicate timesheets on behalf of their workers to multiple construction recruitment agencies contracted for their payroll services. But once the workers received payments, Pazhar Zvezdy Ltd failed to pay the recruitment agencies for their payroll services.

The Official Receiver is aware of multiple creditors who may be owed money in the liquidation and may not know about the company’s insolvency as Pazhar Zvezdy Ltd changed its name from ASA UK Development Limited earlier in the same year.

Catherine Hudson, Official Receiver, said: We are aware of multiple creditors who are potentially owed money in the liquidation. But due to the name change cannot locate details of this company easily.

If you believe you are owed money by Pazhar Zvezdy Ltd or ASA UK Development Limited, we want to hear from you as our job is to realise the assets of the company in the interests of its creditors.

To contact the Official Receiver:

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