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Companies House Direct and WebCHeck Services are Closing

Despite some delays, intentions remain to close these services and a formal closure date will now be set later in 2022

We’re continuously reviewing our position and will be in touch with users when a closure date has been set for Companies House Direct (CHD) and WebCHeck.

Find and update company information remains our prime company search function and this is where we’re directing our users.

Dissolved company records have been added to Find and update company information. There are more dissolved records available than ever before with an additional 1.5 million company records uploaded. This information is free and includes the records for all companies dissolved since January 2010.

The government’s response to the Corporate transparency and register reform consultation highlighted the need to balance enhanced corporate transparency with legitimate data privacy concerns.

For companies dissolved before 2010 (up to 20 years) a dissolved company names index is available, providing basic company information and company reports. Copies of documents for these companies will be available on request from our contact centre for a fee.

See our guidance on dissolved records.

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