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Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Coral Sea

Secretary of State

Eighty years ago, the United States and Australia formed an unprecedented partnership just months after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the bombings of Darwin and Broome. This partnership has endured and strengthened as our nations have commemorated the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Our countries joined forces and our service members fought side-by-side for four days in what would become a turning point in the war in the Pacific. Our nations are forever grateful for the heroism demonstrated by those courageous Americans and Australians. We will always remember the sacrifice they made for the cause of freedom in the Pacific.

The battle paved the way for an alliance that today is a foundational underpinning to the stability of the region and for democracy in the Indo-Pacific. We remain committed to our shared values and a shared vision for the region for the years to come.

Whether we are combating the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthening our economies, or advancing peace and prosperity, the United States and Australia continue to be steadfast allies for each other and the Indo-Pacific region.


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