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Chief Inspector's Thoughts on Maritime Safety Week 2021

As Maritime Safey Week gets underway, Andrew Moll shares a few words about the opportunities this week holds for the MAIB and the Marine industry

Today marks the start of Maritime Safety Week 2021, a week that gives the Marine industry an opportunity to focus on the steps we can collectively take to improve safety.
This week I am pleased to be able to join a roundtable on drowning prevention hosted by Minister Courts. Howard Flegg, one of MAIB’s inspectors, will join a webinar hosted by Tanker Shipping and Trade on mooring rope safety, where we’ll be sharing learning from our investigation into an accident on board the LNG Carrier Zarga. And later this week I’m also attending a special Port Skills and Safety Group meeting ,where I’ll be highlighting some lessons from recent marine accident investigations.
As our recent Annual Report highlights, the industry continues to face a number of persistent safety challenges. For MAIB there are three main areas of concern that we’ll be highlighting this week along with reiterating the important safety learning uncovered through our investigations. We’ll be discussing safety issues involving ultra large vessels and container ships; recreational craft and fishing vessel safety.
I welcome the efforts being made by all parts of the industry this week to raise safety awareness through a variety of engaging events and I look forward in participating in constructive discussions with many industry colleagues.


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