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Charity Commission Update on Statutory Inquiry into Al-Hijrah Trust

The Charity Commission has provided an update on its inquiry involving Al-Hijrah Trust (CIO)

The regulator confirms that its inquiry into the Birmingham-based charity has substantively concluded, but that the inquiry remains ongoing due to separate proceedings at Her Majesty’s Land Tribunal (‘HMLT’) .

Whilst the Commission’s inquiry examinations in respect of the Al-Hijrah Trust CIO are largely complete, the Interim Manager (IM), appointed by the regulator in March 2020 will continue in her role until the HMLT legal proceedings relating to the charity’s property conclude. The inquiry will formally conclude once the IM has been discharged.

The regulator confirms that the trustees of the Al-Hijrah Trust (CIO) have engaged positively and fully with the inquiry. This includes working with the IM and complying with an order to make necessary improvements to the administration of the charity. For this reason, the Commission changed the scope of the IM’s appointment, to focus solely on the outstanding land issue. Responsibility for the wider management of the charity has been returned to the trustees.

The Commission opened a statutory inquiry 18 March 2020 and appointed Ms Edwina Turner of Anthony Collins LLP as IM to the Al-Hijrah Trust (CIO), to examine serious concerns that the charity’s property was at risk. This supported the work of an existing inquiry into a connected charity, Al-Hijrah Trust. The inquiry has also examined concerns around governance and safeguarding. It remains the Commission’s intention to publish an inquiry report once it has formally concluded.

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