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Care Provider from Running Companies

Boss of Southend-on-Sea care provider has been disqualified from running companies for five years after abusing tax regime

Caring Carers Limited was incorporated in January 2011, trading out of premises in Weston Road, Southend-on-Sea.

The company provided care services to elderly and infirm residents in the Southend community and contracts for care were obtained through GPs, local hospitals, and the local authority.

Nomalisho Kawadza Moyo (46), from Southend-on-Sea was appointed director of Caring Carers shortly after incorporation. 9 years later, however, the care provider entered into creditors’ voluntary liquidation in February 2020.

The company’s insolvency triggered an investigation by the Insolvency Service before investigators discovered that from at least April 2017, Nomalisho Moyo failed to ensure Caring Carers registered for PAYE tax with the tax authorities. This resulted in a settlement worth more than £118,000.

Further enquires uncovered Nomalisho Moyo had failed to submit company tax returns and the company made no payments to the tax authorities from 2017 onwards despite making payments to a connected company of more than £30,000.

When Caring Carers went into liquidation, the tax authority was owed more than £296,000 including unpaid tax, penalties, the settlement due and interest.

On 23 February 2022, The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy accepted an undertaking from Nomalisho Moyo for 5 years.

Effective from 16 March 2022, Nomalisho Moyo is disqualified from acting as a director of a company and from directly, or indirectly, becoming involved in the promotion, formation or management of a company, without the permission of the court.

Lawrence Zussman, Deputy Head of Insolvent Investigations, said:

Whilst Nomalisho Moyo ensured her company provided care to residents in the local community, she totally neglected her company’s tax responsibilities. This is appalling behaviour and through her actions has deprived the public purse and caused suffering to the taxpayer.
This should serve as a stark warning to directors that they must pay their taxes and where abuse of the tax regime is uncovered, we will pursue sanctions against rogue directors.

Notes to Editors

Nomalisho Kawadza Moyo’s date of birth is March 1975.

Caring Carers Limited (Company Reg no. 07495685).

A disqualification order has the effect that without specific permission of a court, a person with a disqualification cannot:

  • act as a director of a company

  • take part, directly or indirectly, in the promotion, formation or management of a company or limited liability partnership

  • be a receiver of a company’s property

Disqualification undertakings are the administrative equivalent of a disqualification order but do not involve court proceedings. Persons subject to a disqualification order are bound by a range of other restrictions.

Further information about the work of the Insolvency Service, and how to complain about financial misconduct is available

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