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Canada Day

Secretary of State

On behalf of the people and government of the United States, I am honored to send a heartfelt congratulations to our friends and neighbors in Canada as you celebrate Canada Day on July 1.

The United States has no closer friend than Canada. Based on our shared values and close ties, we are proud to work with Canada to promote democracy, prosperity, and security in our region and around the world. Today, we join our Canadian neighbors in celebrating the historic friendship and partnership between our two democracies, which helps to advance economic prosperity and jointly address regional and international challenges.

This past year has been challenging for both Canada and the United States as we have dealt with the impact of a global pandemic. As we look to the future, we will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Canadian people, private sector, civil society, and government to build back stronger for the benefit of everyone.

I wish our Canadian friends and neighbors a safe and happy Canada Day.

Je souhaite une joyeuse et sécuritaire Fête du Canada à nos ami.e.s et voisin.e.s du Canada.


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