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BWTV Becomes Mayside TV

Originally conceived as BWTV Limited, BWTV has today announced that the company has begun the process of renaming itself to Mayside TV Limited. As intended, Mayside TV ™ will provide support marketing tools for all group companies and Mayside Partners' venture capital investments.

Bill White, CEO of Mayside Partners Limited said: "This name change for BWTV, which I founded, has been in the works for quite some time."

"I have been tailoring a number of group companies into the 'Mayside Brand' over the last two years and so I am very pleased to announce the rebranding of BWTV to Mayside TV," explained White.

Mayside TV has established the following contact points:

Facebook: @maysidetv

Twitter: @maysidetv

YouTube: @maysidetv

Patreon: @maysidetv

Instagram: @maysidetv

Twitch: @maysidetv

Soundcloud: @maysidetv

Mayside TV is owned by Mayside Partners Limited, a venture capital company based in Scotland.


For more information visit

About Mayside Partners

Mayside Partners Limited is a leading venture capital firm, based in Scotland that partners with entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into world-changing products. For more information or to pitch your idea visit

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