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Beware Crypto Currency Spammers Are Active Nowadays

If you want to invest your fund for future security, beware gangs of cryptocurrency spammers are active nowadays.

Curving nodes on such activities, a Cyber Crime Police Station Dwarka District team arrested one Sanjeev Kumar Singh R/o Near Bus Stand, Basai Village, Sec-9B, Gurugram, Haryana native from Samastipur (Bihar).

By creating fake profiles on a social media platform and fake domain, members of the gang approached the potential victim and established a friendship, and encourage them to invest in cryptocurrency through their platform for heavy returns.

Once the victim was influenced and invested for the first time, rich returns were shown on their platform. later on, the victim realized he was cheated. Entire activities coordinated by female doubt may be dubbed voice.

One smartphone having 15+ currency trading applications was recovered from the accused. The case has been registered under appropriate section 420/120B IPC wide FIR No. 76/22 dated 19/07/2022 and further investigation is going on.

According to sources including media platforms, Crypto scammers have cheated more than 1000 crore rupees from investors by posing as fake exchanges.

In 12 Crypto Scams, more than 10 crore Indians have been befooled and the total loss goes more than 72000 crores rupees in the last three decades by luring different modes.


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