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Baglan Group of Companies: Information for Creditors and Interested Parties

Information for creditors and interested parties of the Baglan group of companies in liquidation

On 24 March 2021, winding-up orders were made against Calon Energy (Baglan Bay) Limited, Baglan Generating Limited, Baglan Pipeline Limited, and Baglan Operations Limited and the court-appointed the Official Receiver, Gareth Jonathan Allen, as Liquidator.

The court has appointed David John Pike and Michael Robert Pink from KPMG as Special Managers to assist the Official Receiver with the liquidation.

The Official Receiver will wind-down the Baglan group of companies, whilst acting in the best interests of creditors. The Official Receiver also has a duty to enquire into the conduct of current and former directors.

Baglan Group of Companies

  • Calon Energy (Baglan Bay) Limited (Company number 08249830)

  • Baglan Generating Limited (Company number 03689741)

  • Baglan Operations Limited (Company number 03882153)

  • Baglan Pipeline Limited (Company number 03841830)

Information for Employees

If you are an employee of Baglan Operations Limited and you have been told that you are being made redundant, the information in this section provides advice about claiming money you’re owed and where you can seek support.

Who is Eligible?

You can apply to the Insolvency Service for redundancy and other payments if:

  • you worked for these companies under an employment contract

  • you live in England, Scotland or Wales

How to Apply

The Special Managers will give you details about how to apply and will also give you a case reference number (for example CN12345678).

Once you have this information you can apply online.

What you can apply for

What you can apply for depends on your circumstances. The Insolvency Service can pay:

  • redundancy pay: if you’ve worked for Baglan Operations Limited for at least 2 years

  • pro rata holiday pay (known as ‘holiday pay accrued’): the leave you were entitled to take between the start of your leave year and the date you were made redundant

  • holiday pay taken (HPT): if Baglan Operations Limited hasn’t paid you for annual leave you took before being made redundant

  • money you’re owed by Baglan Operations Limited, for example unpaid wages, overtime and commission

  • statutory notice pay: if you’ve worked for Baglan Operations Limited for at least 1 month

There are caps on what we can pay you for each type of claim. Find out how much we can pay you.

Paying your claim

On average the Insolvency Service’s Redundancy Payments Service pays redundancy and related claims within 14 days of receipt of information.

Find more information about what we can pay.

Redundancy: help finding work and claiming benefits

Please avoid contacting us about how to claim or to check the status of your application. This will help us deal with everyone’s application as quickly as possible.

Information for Creditors

You will need to register as a creditor in the liquidation if:

  • you have not been paid for goods or services you’ve supplied to the Baglan group of companies (in liquidation)

  • you have paid the Baglan group of companies (in liquidation) for goods or services that you have not received

To register as a creditor you will need to complete a Proof of Debt form which you should then email to

Once you have registered and the Special Manager receives your Proof of Debt form they will add you to the list of creditors and include you on future correspondence about the case.

Information for Customers

If you are a customer of the Baglan group of companies, please contact the Special Managers via email:

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