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Baa Heera Ben Was the Mentor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Baa Heera Ban, the mother of Prime Minister of India Narendra Bhai Modi, was the mentor of PM in actual words, passed away in the early morning of 30th December 2022 at a Hospital in Ahmedabad. She was of 100 years.

The last rights were completed at their native place in Gandhi Nagar (Gujarat).

Her life and sacrifice shaped PM's mind and personality, and self-confidence. PM Modi met her earlier this month. Heera Ben also cast her vote for the 2nd phase of assembly elections in Gujarat. Apart from PM Modi, she was the mother of five siblings.

From his official Twitter PM Modi shares that A glorious century rest at the feet of God. In mother, he always feels that trinity, which contains the journey of an ascetic, the symbol of selfless karma yogi and a life committed to values.


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