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Australia National Day

Australia National Day
Australia National Day

On behalf of the American people, I extend heartfelt best wishes to all Australians around the world for Australia Day, January 26.

The U.S.-Australia relationship is based on an unbreakable foundation of common values, beliefs, and aspirations. We share a commitment to democracy, individual rights, and the rule of law. Our societies are enriched by the wisdom of our respective First Nations peoples and the generations of immigrants who have sought to build a better life for their families. We both want the same things for the Indo-Pacific region and the world – peace, openness, stability and prosperity.

The friendship the U.S. and Australia enjoys, along with our clear sense of common purpose, have only deepened in the past year. From launching the Climate, Critical Minerals, and Clean Energy Transformation Compact; to deepening our economic, technology, and innovation cooperation; to bolstering our defense and security ties including through AUKUS; to delivering for our partners in the Pacific; to expanding collaboration between our First Nations citizens: our alliance has never been stronger and more important.

The United States looks forward to working even more closely together across the full range of global challenges in the years ahead, and to enhancing the ties of goodwill and cooperation between the diverse peoples of Australia and the United States.

Americans know that, in Australia, they have one of their dearest friends, one of their staunchest allies, and one of their closest partners. On this occasion of both celebration and reflection, I wish our mates in Australia a happy and safe Australia Day.

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