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Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: Call for Views

AI and machine learning are enabling. They are already transforming the global economy. We want your views on the implications for IP

The UK is voted one of the best intellectual property (IP) environments in the world. To keep it that way we are keen to look ahead to the challenges that these new technologies bring. We need to make sure the UK’s IP environment is adapted to accommodate them.

We want to understand the implications Artificial Intelligence (AI) might have for IP policy. We also need to understand the impact the IP framework might have for AI, in the near to medium term.

On 7 September 2020, the IPO launched a Call for Views on AI and IP posing a series of important questions. These include questions relating to AI and patents, trade marks, designs, trade secrets and copyright.

We want your ideas, expertise, and insight to help us prepare for the future. We want your views to help the UK remain at the forefront of the AI and data revolution.

Please submit your responses to the consultation by 11.45pm on 30 November 2020.

Learn more and respond to the consultation on intellectual property and artificial intelligence

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