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ARSAC to Launch Online Portal for Research Applications

A new online portal to apply for Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committe (ARSAC) approval of research studies will launch September 2020

The online portal will transform the way research applications are submitted to the Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee (ARSAC). Uploading applications to the portal will offer a quick and simple way to apply for approval of new research studies from ARSAC. The new system will enable applicants to monitor the progress of their applications and will allow applicants to share access to their submissions.

Public Health England (PHE) will manage the new research applications through the ARSAC online portal.

Research sponsors, such as pharmaceutical companies and universities, will still be required to submit the same application documents but through the online portal instead of the previous email system.

Nasreen Parkar, Scientific Adviser to ARSAC, said:

Moving to the new system will mean all new research applications are submitted through the ARSAC online portal from September 2020. We are currently piloting this system and it is working very well.
Once the online portal is launched, research sponsors will need to create an account so they can submit their applications to ARSAC.

In the future, the ARSAC online portal will be further developed to enable applicants to submit additional types of applications including those for employer and practitioner licences.

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