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On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I am honored to join the people of Australia and New Zealand in commemorating ANZAC Day on April 25.

On this day, we remember the brave members of the defense forces of Australia and New Zealand who heroically fought in World War I to preserve our freedom and democracy. We also honor the men and women currently serving in the defense forces as they continue to courageously defend our shared values and stand up for our freedom.

The United States proudly stands with our partners in Australia and New Zealand as we work to preserve a free and open Indo-Pacific region. The bonds of our relationship, including those forged in the trenches and battlefields of the first World War, will continue to strengthen as we remain united to face our shared challenges.

We join our friends in Australia and New Zealand in solemnly reflecting on the sacrifice our brave service members made in World War I and all the conflicts that followed. We recognize the peace and freedom we enjoy today is built on their courage and sacrifice.

On this ANZAC Day, we send our deepest gratitude for the sacrifices of the past and for the enduring friendship between our great nations.

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