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AfriSight Wins the Netherlands Government Project for Africa

Project will help improve advocacy and awareness during and post-COVID-19

Rotterdam, Netherlands: Africa-focused digital data collection company, AfriSight BV, today announced it has won the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project awarded by The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to collect data on the impact of COVID-19 on the African continent.

AfriSight is delighted to partner with The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to execute this project that will collect and deliver healthcare insights and impact of COVID-19 on Africans and its health professionals.

“Winning this very competitive project is a significant milestone in the life of AfriSight as it recognizes our unique coverage of the African continent and our strive to drive the adoption of digital data collection methodologies which is currently quite low when compared with other regions of the world. We also see this as a validation of our capability,” says Ogylive Makova, Co-Founder and Customer Success Director at AfriSight. “We are really looking forward to providing insights that will help improve the level of advocacy and awareness on the COVID-19 pandemic and support policy-makers with data and insights from ordinary Africans and medical professionals .”

According to a statement made available on the website of The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO,, “ The International Labor Organization estimates that 86% of Africans are employed informally, have no social protection and live from hand to mouth. In these circumstances, it is important to monitor the moods, attitudes, mental health and impact of COVID-19 on Africans and health professionals. Since 80% of research and data collection in Africa is currently done through a face-to-face methodology, it is difficult to collect reliable data in lockdowns. The collected data (by AfriSight) can be used for policymaking, advocacy and awareness,”

AfriSight is one (1) of the five (5) final firms selected from Ninety-five (95) submissions to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) bid. With a maximum budget of 200,000 Euros, AfriSight will be working with relevant local partners across Africa over the next 12 months to deliver the project.

About AfriSight

AfriSight is the premier Africa-focused sample panel provider and digital data collection company with panelists community all over Africa. AfriSight enables the collection of on-demand and first party data in a reliable and cost-effective manner for the use of researchers and businesses. AfriSight employs technology and a unique market experience to provide solutions that aptly meet the needs of clients including research agencies, advertising agencies, corporates and SMEs, NGOs, government agencies and parastatals, educational institutions and even other sample panel providers with little or no footprint in Africa. Visit and for more information.

About The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. It holds the responsibility for the implementation of policies set out by the ministry with emphasis on helping enterprising Dutch companies and policy staff move forward in the field of sustainability, cross-border business, agricultural entrepreneurship and innovation.

Visit for more details.

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