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Administrator Power Announces More Than $14 Million to Support the People of Uzbekistan

Administrator Power Announces More Than $14 Million to Support the People of Uzbekistan
Administrator Power Announces More Than $14 Million to Support the People of Uzbekistan

Administrator Samantha Power arrived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan today to deepen the U.S. partnership with the people of Uzbekistan. During her visit, she will announce new investments, including an additional $14.2 million to strengthen collaboration in global health, governance, and economic growth.

With this additional funding, the United States, through USAID will work to:

Combat Tuberculosis (TB)

Uzbekistan is dealing with high rates of multidrug-resistant TB in the world. USAID is launching TB Free Uzbekistan, a five-year initiative that will invest an additional $3.2 million to provide comprehensive support services and increase access to key TB services across the country. TB Free Uzbekistan will help prevent and detect transmission, initiate treatment, reduce TB stigma, and also advance Uzbekistan’s health reforms for improved health information systems and health financing. Since 2002, USAID has invested nearly $60 million to support Uzbekistan efforts to combat TB.

Combat Epidemic and Pandemic Threats

USAID will partner with the Government of Uzbekistan to strengthen global health security. The $4 million investment will apply best practices and lessons learned from the COVID-19 response to build Uzbekistan's resilience against future outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics. The funding will also allow Uzbekistan to bolster its laboratory and surveillance systems emergency preparedness, risk communication, and community engagement.

Strengthening Businesses and the Private Sector

USAID will invest $3.5 million to strengthen Uzbekistan’s economy in targeted sectors like tourism, information and communications technology, and the green economy. This program will help create jobs, improve economic inclusion, develop export markets for small and medium-sized enterprises, and attract capital. USAID will work to remove policy and economic barriers that make it more difficult for women, youth, and people with disabilities to open and operate their businesses. Additionally, USAID will help Uzbekistani businesses to incorporate U.S. technology that can enhance e-commerce and trade.

More Accountable and Effective Local Governance

In support of Uzbekistan’s Strategy 2030 and working with Congress, USAID will contribute $3.5 million through a new local governance program to strengthen regional and local government in Uzbekistan so that they are more responsive, participatory, and accountable when providing public services to the Uzbek people. The initiative will work with the national and local governments, civil society, and the private sector to create more transparency in local government budgets and expenditures, train public officials to carry out new responsibilities, and equip citizens and communities with the tools, skills and resources they need to monitor local governments activities and advocate for better public services that meet their needs. USAID will also support the government in developing data-driven national policies and legislation on decentralization and local governance.


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