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Acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism Landberg’s Travel to Malta, Belgium

Acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism Christopher Landberg travels to Malta and Belgium May 22-26 to participate in the Governing Board of Administrators meeting of the International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law (IIJ) and to lead U.S. participation in a strategic dialogue on counterterrorism with the European Union (EU).

In Valletta, Malta, Acting Coordinator Landberg will affirm U.S. support for the IIJ, an international platform to strengthen the rule of law, international norms, and principles of democratic governance. The Governing Board will discuss the IIJ’s role in strengthening countries’ ability to investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate terrorism cases, incarcerate convicted terrorists effectively and humanely, and sever terrorists’ systems of support, preventing radicalization to violence and promoting reintegration.

In Brussels, Belgium, he will engage with EU counterparts on counterterrorism issues of shared interest, including countering ISIS and its affiliates, addressing global terrorism threats, and countering racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism.


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