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AAIB Report: Rogers Sky Prince (G-CJZU), Fatal Accident

Fatal accident near Goodwood Aerodrome, Sussex, 30 June 2021

After takeoff G-CJZU suffered a partial power loss which then became more significant as the aircraft climbed through 300 ft aal. The aircraft then departed from controlled flight and stuck the ground nose first. Both occupants received fatal injuries. It was not possible to determine the cause of the partial and then more significant power loss.

Whilst the investigation of G-CJZU was in progress, a further event (G-BBSA) involving partial power occurred in which the three occupants of the aircraft were seriously injured. Three Safety Recommendations were made in that report with respect to pilot training for partial power loss events.

These Safety Recommendations, whilst not a part of this report, were formed on the basis of information from both accidents and are equally applicable to the issues raised by this report, and as a result no further Safety Recommendations are made.

The G-BBSA report can be found here.


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