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AAIB Report: Piper PA-28-140 (G-BCJN), Unsuccessful Go-Around, Cotswold Airport

During a training exercise, a Piper PA-28-140 (G-BCJN) came to rest in a ditch after veering from the runway at Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire, after an attempted go-around was not completed, 4 August 2022

During a training exercise for a PPL student, an attempted go-around resulted in the aircraft veering left from the runway track and touching down approximately 350m from the end of the runway, travelling approximately perpendicular to the runway heading. The instructor was unable to establish a climb and the aircraft flew at approximately 20 ft above ground level towards a row of parked, out of use, airliners. The aircraft passed between two of the airliners and its right wing tip struck the nose landing gear of one of them, severing the outer portion of the right wing. The aircraft continued across the grass, passed through the airfield perimeter fence, crossed the A429 road and came to rest in a ditch adjacent to the road. This resulted in minor injuries to both the instructor and the student.

The investigation found there had been a confused handover of control between the student and instructor that meant the go-around actions were not completed effectively. This resulted in the aircraft flying at a very low height at an airspeed probably below the minimum power speed, leaving it with insufficient power to climb away.

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