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A Case for the Supremes

by Bill White

Only a fool or a sycophant thinks Joe Biden will be President of the United States

On the evening of Election Day, a number of states simply stopped counting votes. During the night hundreds of thousands of bulk mail-in ballots arrived and in short order, the massive lead that President Donald J. Trump had achieved was whittled away.

Despite a majority of votes having been tallied in President Trump's favor and despite his massive lead in many of those states, election officials refused to call their state for President Trump. In other states, a minuscule lead by Biden resulted in him being declared the winner.

Many tens of thousands of non-resident votes were counted in Arizona, in favor of Joe Biden. Republican Observers were denied access to polling stations as required by law and despite a court order.

The Supreme Court ordered officials in Pennsylvania to keep bulk mail-in ballots separate and despite the order, this was not done.

Virginia - R+8 District

Hundreds of thousands of ballots were counted for Joe Biden, with no other candidate down-ticket, which is an obvious fraud. I have never completed a ballot for President without voting for the Senator, House of Representative, or State Legislature on that ticket (see above).

Notice in the image above that President Trump and Robert Wittman received approximately the same number of votes. Joe Biden, however, received more than 92,000 extra votes, over his Party's candidate for the House of Representatives. This is simply not credible.

The above represents only a partial list of the fraud that has been uncovered. Other variables include nearly 95% voter turnout of contested areas, dead people voting, and backdated ballots.

President Trump is STILL President of the United States and Joe Biden is STILL NOT President-Elect. Until every state has certified their vote counts (and none have), and until the Electoral College meets on 8 December 2020, Joe Biden IS NOT President-Elect.

This case is going to the Supreme Court of the United States.


Bill White is CEO of WireNews

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