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23rd Commemoration of the August 7th U.S. Embassy Bombings

Secretary of State

Today we somberly remember the terror attacks that took place on August 7, 1998, in Kenya and Tanzania. Nearly simultaneously, terrorists detonated bombs next to the U.S. Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Their attacks killed 224 men, women, and children, and injured over 4,500 others. In an awful moment, the lives of so many changed tragically and forever.

These attacks brought into stark relief the true toll of terrorism, with trauma and tragedy visited upon so many. In this moment of overwhelming pain, however, the world also witnessed courage, compassion, and selflessness. So many, including some of the injured, rescued others and saved lives, answering evil with heroism. The attackers sought but failed to divide us.

Today, we remember and honor all who died and keep the injured in our thoughts. The United States stands with our African partners and others in the fight against terrorism, bound by our shared humanity and the promise that, together, we can and will build a better future.


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