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Face Mask Exemption Cards

Face Mask Exemption Cards - £7.99

— Includes One Exemption Card
— Includes Black Plastic Holder
— Includes Black Fabric Lanyard
— First Class P&P (UK)

WireNews Network offers an affordable Face Mask Exemption Card, which is suitable for anyone who self-declares an exemption as per UK government guidelines.

Get your Face Mask Exemption Card today.

The charge is £7.99 (including VAT) per card which includes the colour-printed card, a black plastic card holder, and a black fabric lanyard (as shown below).

To get your card just click this link and either create an account or if you already have one, simply login.

Next, complete the form, pay and your card will be dispatched within 24 hours by First Class post.







If you do not land on the Exemption Card page after login, you can use the drop-down and select "Face Mask Exemption Cards" from the list of pages.

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