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WireNews is supported by thousands of journalists around the world. We're owned by Mayside Partners Limited, which guarantees our operational liabilities to ensure that we're online, all the time.


But we thrive with your support; by journalists getting our international press card and by the financial contributions from people like you. By contributing a donation, however small, you’ll help ensure that WireNews continues to offer a free speech platform, by journalists for journalists, and you will contribute towards the future development of WireNews. Will you give today?


Contributions are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

Your payment details will be processed by PayPal, and a record of your donation will be stored by Mayside Partners Limited.

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Contributions go to Mayside Partners Limited, a Scottish corporation. We confirm that 100% of your money will be reserved for use in the WireNews project. All PayPal fees are paid by Mayside Partners Limited. Alternatively, donations can be made by Bank Transfer (below).


Contributions are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions.


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